As a lab, we share a commitment to producing work that informs research, practice, and policy to promote healthy youth development and community vitality in rural Maine.

Letting student voice lead the way
by Catharine Biddle, Lyn Mikel Brown, & Mark Tappan
Educational Leadership

Trauma-responsive schooling: Centering student voice and healing
by Lyn Mikel Brown, Catharine Biddle, & Mark Tappan

This book outlines a novel approach to transforming American schools through student-centered, trauma-responsive practices. This model focuses on whole-school change, encouraging educators to upend traditional classroom power dynamics by listening foremost to student voices, validating student experiences, and promoting student agency.

Schools should make students’ wishes come true: Here’s how
by Catharine Biddle, Mark Tappan, & Lyn Mikel Brown
Ed Week

Rural Maine families need mental health support
by Mark Tappan
Portland Press Herald

Student-empowered curricular change as trauma-informed practice
by Lyn Mikel Brown & Jenny Flaumenhaft
Phi Delta Kappan

Banishing Siberia and student seclusion: Leading trauma-informed systems change in a rural school
by Catharine Biddle & Lyn Mikel Brown
Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership

Parochialism or pragmatic resistance? The role of community-engaged leadership, activist scholarship, and vulnerable rural ecologies within school reform.
by Ian Mette, Catharine Biddle, Mark Congdon & Andrea Mercado
Australian and International Journal of Rural Education

Addressing rural, wicked problems through collaboration: Critical reflections on a school-university-community design process
by Catharine Biddle, Ian Mette, Lyn Mikel Brown, Mark Tappan, Brittany Ray, & Sarah Strickland
In R.M. Reardon & J. Leonard (Eds). Making a positive impact in rural places: Change agency in school-university-community collaboration in education. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Four ways we can all support students in poverty
by Catharine Biddle
Bangor Daily News